About Us

UN Youth Impact is an organisation of activists, young professionals, and students. We focus on youth agency and look at how we can engage with systems of governance at a local, national, and global level. Through events, workshops, training programs and seminars we look at the theoretical and practical elements of youth engagement, empowerment, and leadership to see how we and capitalize on young people’s energy, enthusiasm, and resilience.


We are a network of young activists based in the Netherlands. Our committee consists of students and young professionals studying or working to defend human rights, seek justice for victims, or build a better future for generations to come.  

Our purpose

  • Improve knowledge about the UN and the UN system

  • Show the relevance of the work of the UN to individual lives

  • Create a network of activists, professionals and researchers to facilitate the sharing of ideas and best practices for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Create outputs in the form of toolkits, podcasts and social media campaigns to launch an online and in-person conversation about the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN's Youth 2030 Agenda and how we can contribute to ongoing efforts to build a better world
  • Conduct research into the history of youth participation at the UN and contribute to the growing literature about the role of young people in spaces of governance

  • Work with local governments, universities and NGO's to empower and engage with young people on global issues 

  • Inspire action